I managed to get the hackrf going on a linux vm with gnuradio a week ago but getting it going on SDR# recently has proved a more compelling simple demo.

I followed the rather thorough instructions on superfro’s blog to get everything setup.

Once I had the hackrf working in SDR# I tuned into local radio stations as a first test which went great. The reception was surprisingly good and it was able to pull the station name and (depending on station) song title as well which was quite neat.

As a next test I followed the RTL-SDR tutorial on decoding Pocsag (pagers) quite successfully which was rather neat!

I have received a 900MHz and order a 433 MHz antenna to try and improve reception as the onboard antenna is disclaimed as being quite poor.

Will be fun to try transmitting as well at some point but for a reception only situation this seems like a great start.

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