New Brew Pump – XCSOURCE TE091 12V

My previous brew pump, a P-38E or tan brewing pump, regrettably stopped working recently. I ran it for a bit with no water (accidentally had the kettle valve closed when cleaning things) it’s possible that killed it or my ongoing use of oxiclean may have worked through the motor seal (the old one wasn’t mag drive, it had a shaft with a seal powering things).

I found a new model on for $27.99 CAD (eligible for free shipping!). This new pump looks excellent the head is made of a tough glass reinforced plastic, it’s mag-drive and best of all the whole thing comes apart quickly without any tools! The pump head simply threads onto the body and can be removed in a few quick turns.

I did prefer how the P-38E had barbs I could directly put tubing on, the TE091 has 1/2″ BSP threads. On the plus side this can screw directly to my kettle valve but for the output I’ll need to find a barb adapter ( seems to have solid options).

My pump came with a power connector instead of the advertised bare leads. There was no labelling for polarity but a 12V 1Amp supply with centre positive seemed to work fine on it.

Time will tell if it’s robust or not but for the price it seems quite promising. I particularly like how easy it will be to clean and inspect. I was a bit sketched out by the previous design as it felt like nasties could hide in hard to access areas.

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