Quanum DIY FPV – Fully Integrated Receiver

The Hobby King Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with Monitor is a cheap FPV headset but if you use the provided wiring with an external video receiver it ends up a bit cumbersome. To make it easier to use, I embedded a RX5800 video receiver right in the screen leaching power from an existing regulator. Leaching power seemed to […]

RC Flying Wing

I decided to add an RC plane to my flying collection. After a bit of research I settled on the Hobbyking Bonsai. Based on others success/recommendations I went with a slightly larger motor, battery and servos than the hobbyking recommendations. Installing the servos actually required enlarging the stock holes. I used an exacto knife to […]

Tricopter – Motor Repair

After my last crash the shaft on my rear tricopter motor was tweaked.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pLH2GwmsfM Fortunately I gave each motor a spin manually before powering things on and noticed so I had opportunity to fix it. The motor was clearly rubbing and I imagine would have promptly self destructed had I turned it on. The motor […]